EAN:  9782355722080
Date de publication:   30-08-2021
Format:  Livre
Langue:  français


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In this book, the artist brings his philosophical poems and his paintings into dialogue. The subjects put forward legitimise a fierce desire for truth and humanist equity. From page to page, a part of his view on his time revealed. This journey tells, sometimes with humour and irony, of trials, convictions, colours and fantastic or familiar existences. Each text and painting duo forcefully asserts the metaphorical dimension of his pictorial work.

    EAN: 9782355722080
    Editeur: Acoria
    Date de publication:   30-08-2021
    Format: Livre
    Langue: français
    Hauteur: 276 mm
    Largeur: 195 mm
    Epaisseur: 12 mm
    Poids: 601 gr
    Disponibilité: Disponible